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Ahhhhhh! Summer Has Arrived!

Thursday, August 5th, 2010
There are soooo many things to love about summer! My particular favorite being it’s not too cold to golf! But really I love the River Walk in Pueblo, B Street Bashes every Friday night, camping in San Isabel, Mesa Drive In, Colorado State Fair and did I mention golf? If you are having trouble finding something to do, visit the Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce’s Event Calendar and get outside!

Pueblo Colorado is known for it’s mild winters and warm summers! For most everything and everyone, warm is good but hot is not! A couple of questions you should ask yourself when choosing self storage are:
Are you planning to store anything of value?
Do you have any items that need to be stored in a contolled environment to stay in good condition.
If you answered yes, climate controlled units are your best choice.
Climate control benefits our customers by keeping their belongings in the same condition as when they were first stored.
Here is a list of items you should consider storing in a climate-contolled environment:
Paper products such as photographs, files or important documents Electronics such as computers, laptops or radios
Home furnishings, especially antiques

Musical instruments such as pianos that may be sensitive to changes in environmental conditions.