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Let Us Be Your One Stop Moving Shop!

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Moving is stressful enough! Wouldn’t you like to have a professional help you through all the steps? The staff here at Affordable Storage Solution’s can assist you in just about every aspect of your move from storage rentals, moving supplies,  truck rentals (if you want to drive a truck yourself) and now with our new service, MoveX,  we can even get a moving truck & driver to your front door!

MoveX is a great service for the mover that doesn’t feel comfortable driving a big truck on their own. Or perhaps you’d like to combine a move with a little vacation! Just call 719-564-2345 and get a quote! After we confirm your move for the date you choose, a truck with driver will show up on the date of your choice all you need is the manpower to load the truck as well as unload in the city of your choice on the date you choose! You just unload in your new residence!

So you say you don’t have a big truck load? Here is the beauty of MoveX, you only pay for the space you need! We can even arrange to have you vehicle moved if you’d rather fly!

Again moving is stressful enough! Why not have the help of professionals! Let Affordable Storage Solutions be you one stop moving shop!

Affordable Storage Solutions – 90 Greenhorn Drive – Pueblo, Colorado – 719-564-2345 – www.

How to Choose a Self Storage Facility

Monday, May 17th, 2010

When a person is considering utilizing self storage for the first time, there are many important factors that should be reviewed prior to an actual decision. What will you be storing? How long will you be storing it? Is inside storage preferable over outside storage? What about amenities? Security? Access? Convienance?

Seem a little daunting? My job as a self storage facility manager is to help navigate you through all the decisions that go into choosing a storage facility. I will ask you if you have ever used storage before, what you will be storing and the sizes of any large items you may have. It is also my job to inform you of the amenities that you would enjoy as my customer. And finally before you choose to store at my facility or any facility, I will suggest you come for a facility tour. I am proud of my facility and love to show it off!

I would rather show you a unit or two so in your mind you will have an idea as to how large or how small the unit needs to be to fit your storage needs. I will explain to you how you will benifit from our security and surveillance measures, indoor climate controlled units,  monthly pest control, carts and lift to ease you in your move-in, easy payment options and our 365 day a year accessibility.

If you are currently looking for or considering self storage, give me a call @ 719-564-2345 or look us up @ I can and will help!

Be well!

Michelle Dye

Affordable Storage Solutions, 90 Greenhorn Drive, Pueblo Colorado

Budget Truck Rentals

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

One of the benefits here at Affordable Storage Solutions in Pueblo, Colorado is that you can also rent a Budget Truck! We have trucks available in 10′, 16′ and 24′. We can also get auto carriers and tow dollies with a little advance notice!

We do a 10 point inspection on every truck that comes into our facility. We check all of the engine fluids, tire tread and inflation as well all the electrical components. We sweep out the boxes and cabs, wipe down all the interiors and make sure the windshield wipers work properly. We take our commitment to our truck customers very seriously after all it is your life you put into our hands!

Our storage customers find it extremely convenient to be able to rent trucks and storage at the same place. And both can be done online! But call us @ 719-564-2345 to get all the facts. Number one fact that most people do not know? 99.9% of the time your full coverage vehicle insurance is not going to cover you in a moving truck! Budget offers some excellent protection products at extrememly low rates! After all you are responsible for all damages to the truck whether you cause them or not!

Call us or stop by for a quote today!

I’m Back!

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Hello out there! had a little trouble logging in but our wonderful IT folks @ Ram Designs have me back on and ready to blog! If you are looking for a great group of people to do your webhosting look no further than Ram Designs out of beautiful Craig, CO. Send me an email and I can hook you up too!
It has been a very fun and eventful week here at Affordable Storage Solutions! My new assistant Jerry is getting a first hand looksee at the fun and often times crazy world of self storage. Believe it or not, there is a lot of information to digest! And as we are also an authorized Budget Truck Dealership, that makes two unique businesses to learn! Jerry is doing a great job! Even though I tend to be a slave driver .
Well it is nearly quitting time here in Pueblo Colorado, so now that I have the blog up and running again, I will get back with you tomorrow!
In the meantime remember, Life is not about the miles in a trip but the trip in the miles!
Take care!
Michelle Dye